That's me, the Meatbag behind the music! I produce music intended to enhance film projects. My hope is that when both arts (my ear candy and your eye candy) are combined, something creative emerges on a whole new level.

I am a "do it yourselfer," "Jack of all trades, master of none," and having fun doing what I do, and maybe that can benefit you.

As far as music goes, I have had no formal training of any type. I just know I can't live without it. My mother liked to tell a story how when I was a toddler, and "Jolene" came on the radio, I would come running from any part of the house, just so I could hear it. (I still love that song, thanks Jack White!)

When I was five years old, I asked for a guitar. I didn't get serious until I got my first real guitar in high school.I started playing in bands at the age of fifteen until I was twenty seven. Like so many others, I put music on a shelf to pursue a career and gave up playing for about ten years.

It was a big mistake (not the career, but dropping music completely). The nice thing was, my guitar just waited around for me until I was ready, and didn't hold a grudge for the years of neglect...  

So the little ditties you hear here are what happens when I sit down with my beloved instruments and my DAW. I'm slowly but surely increasing my library.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy!